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Meet our artists

For their first USA zouk and lambada festival the Ramalho's have invited an absolutely starring line up



Rachel Ramalho and Renato Ramalho are siblings and dance teachers from Brazil. They've been dancing zouk for over 17 years.

In 2008 they opened up the doors to their own Dance school In Rio de Janeiro, “Academia de dança Ramalho's”, where they teach varieties of dances!

They are also known for organizing the yearly Zouk Festival in December in Rio - Ramalho’s Zouk Festival inviting teachers and students all over the world.

And they new event in Germany (Berlin) - Berlin Brazilian Zouk United.

They are known for having a pedagogical and fun approach while teaching. It is difficult to not be affected by their true passion for the dance! Rachel is also part of the board of Brazilian Zouk Dance Council and is also a Brazilian Zouk DJ Aka DJ KEL bringing all the Brazilian vibes and energy.

They have been visiting Dallas every year since 2016 cause they feel that it’s their second home. They fell in love with Dallas so much that they decided to do their first ever Festival in the United States here. The Dallas Zouk & Lambada Festival is going to be an event you don’t want to miss.



Their partnership started in January 2021. Walter and Larissa discovered a common purpose in dance: they believe dance is an instrument of transitioning the lives of many people, far beyond techniques, movements, conductions and embellishments.

For Walter and Larissa the art of dance associates intelligence and body expression in a non-verbal communication between two people. Only then do dancers go from being mere performers of movements to dancers who feel not only themselves but also emphasize with each other.



Brazilian Zouk Champions and 9x champions in several Dance Festivals in Brazil.

Versatility and clean technique are their main characteristics. Paulo and Luiza are currently living and developing the Brazilian Zouk scene in Miami, Florida under the brand Zouk United. They can’t wait to be with everyone in Dallas and share their love for zouk.


♦️ LEO & ANA ♦️

Leo & Ana begin their dance career through classical ballet and jazz as children, but their paths intersect only in the year 2015, when Ana was approved at an audition for a Leo team at his dance school.

Leo and Ana are recognized for their technique, a quality of their shows that mix elements of lambada, zouk and other dances, and versatility in the social to dance various styles of music, this partnership has developed focused on studying of all existent styles of lambada and zouk, aiming to offer to the students a 360 degree panorama of what happens in the zouk community.


♦️ JESSICA 🦄♦️


Jessica Lamdon, also known as "Unicorn", instructor, performer, actor, loves to MC, professional hugger, has been dancing since she was 8 years old. She began with competitive international 10-dance ballroom dancing and was fortunate enough to compete and place in international competitions such as Black Pool and represent the US in the Worlds Competition in 2007.


Jessica flirted with other Latin dances and styles, but got bit by the Brazilian zouk bug in 2012 and never recovered.


She has had the honor of training with her mentor, partner, and founder of ZenZouk Ry'el Velandia and getting certified by Kim Rottier. She has had the pleasure of traveling to teach and perform in congresses throughout the United States and Europe. Jessica also had the privilege of partaking in a workshop and performance of hit show Braz Dos Santos's Brazouka.


♦️ JOAO ♦️

João Cabral, aka FogoZouk, is a Brazilian, originally from Florianopolis and currently living in Dallas. He’s one of the organizers of Dallas Zouk Lambada Festival.

João fell in love with zouk and lambada in 2016 because it reminded him so much of his origins. He has not stop taking classes to increase his dance skills since then and he continues training. He has also taken teacher courses from multiple international instructors to have a better understanding of teaching.

João started teaching and DJ'ing zouk in Dallas 3 years ago to help the local community grow.

Now his main goal is to organize this festival and bring a true Brazilian feeling to not just Dallas but Texas and surrounding areas.

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