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DJs and Media Team

♦️ Nhat Ho (DJ Nhat) ♦️

Nhat started DJing for Zouk in 2018 with guidance from Rachel Ramalho, Bruno Galhardo, Kobla Tetey and Gigi Gaona. Being someone who is inspired and moved by music, he aims to create ear-catching sets for both dancers and listeners to enjoy, regardless if they dance Brazilian Zouk or not. He likes to incorporate technical, playful and smooth transitions and live mashups and is constantly watching, feeling and adapting his music to the vibe of the room.


He has played at one of the biggest socials in Rio de Janeiro, Zouk No CIB, Madrid Zouk Bachata Congress, EmbraZouk online events, DC Zouk Festival, Boston International Zouk Festival, ZouKamp, Love & Dance, as well as other events for his community and surrounding areas.

♦️ Ian (DJ Ginga) ♦️


Ian is a well-rounded Dj in Austin, Tx.  He brings his passion for musical performance and movement to the deejay stand to create mixes that speak to you. His Lambada mixes will have you high off of Brazilian energia, while his Zouk mixes will have you grooving all night long. He has played at events all over the Midwest and was invited to deejay at CSBF and TSBF. He can’t wait to mix for you and take you on a musical journey. Buy you tickets now.

♦️ Pedro aka DJ PositiveP ♦️


Originally from colorful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Dj Positive P got his start in the music industry as an online radio personality. Resume includes Corporate, Weddings, Nightlife, Cruise Ships & more.  He is currently residing in Dallas Tx where he plays at different venues. His vibe kept the party going 🤩 He is the DJ of Dallas Zouk&Lambada Monday socials which are a blast.

He is so excited to have you party to his music 🔥🔥🔥

♦️ Preston Curley / Makana Media ♦️


Preston is an event videographer from San Francisco, California, with a passion for capturing our humanity on film. Preston believes what makes us human makes us beautiful, and that dance helps us bring that out.


Preston has been dancing and filming Zouk since 2018, and loves to promote partner dancing around the world.


He can't wait to capture all the magical moments and create art with you at this amazing festival.

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